Monday, October 1, 2012


In 2008 my wife Mary and I stopped on the side of a dark roadway to render aid to a young man injured in a motorcycle accident. That young man, who we came to know as Dane, died that night despite the best efforts of many people to save his life. What transpired over the months to come after that fateful night would remind me of the lengths that God will go to in order to comfort us in times of tragedy and how closely He is involved in orchestrating the events of our lives so that He can be glorified through us.

We came to know Dane's Grandmother Elsie as a result of this tragedy. As God used Mary and I to help comfort Elsie in her grief He was silently working on answering the prayers of someone who was hundreds of miles away and lost in a world of drug addiction. Over the next few years God worked a plan of healing for my drug addicted nephew that was directly related to Dane's death. God has used Dane's life here on earth to work in the lives of many others.

Mary and I co-authored a book with Elsie about our experiences and how God has dealt with us all after the night of Dane's death. The book is titled "And God Sent the Dragonflies". It is a true account of the events that happened in our lives and is clear proof that with God we are never alone or without hope in dealing with tragedies and addictions in our lives. I am humbly asking that you consider purchasing and reading our book. I would also ask that if you feel moved by the things you see in the book that you would recommend it to others, whether they be friends, family, coworkers, fellow church members or anyone else you feel led to refer to it. We realize the power that modern day electronic media has to reach others through our various personal relationships. It is our sincere prayer and hope that if sharing the story brings one lost soul to Christ or delivers one person from their hopeless addiction that God would be further glorified through that.

Links to the book, available in both print and digital formats, are located on the right hand side of the page below the author's photo. The book is available at the Scroll Christian Bookstore in Tyler, TX and can be found on the shelves, as well as ordered, from select Hasting Stores. For those who prefer you can contact the authors directly to purchase a book until such time as they are available in your local stores. Mary and I intend to donate our portion of any profits from the book to the various charities and ministries that we support. We will be doing some promotional stuff (book signings, speaking engagements, etc.) that I will try to keep posted on this blog. You can contact me at if you have any further questions, comments or just want to catch up on life.

In Christ Jesus...Bruce Hinton

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  1. Thanks, Bruce. You've done a great job with the book description.