Saturday, May 25, 2013


Most Christians and Historians are very familiar with the on-again-off-again relationship the Israelites had with God.  Over hundreds of years God sent one Prophet after another to remind the Israelites of His commandments and to warn the Israelites of the consequences of their continued sin. They didn't listen.

In Verse 20 II Kings Chapter 17 the consequence for Israel's persistent sins is given "The Lord rejected all the descendants of Israel and afflicted them and gave them into the hand of plunderers, until He had cast them out of His sight." God turned from Israel and allowed other nations to conquer Israel because of their systemic and persistent disobedience. He did not forsake them. But He no longer protected them from their enemies as He had done.

Curious as to what it takes for God to turn away from a Nation He has favored?  Here is a list of the systemic and persistent sins which God felt deserved specific mention in II Kings Chapter 17 as reasons for His turning away:
  1. Idol Worship
  2. Sexual Sins
  3. Child Sacrifice
  4. Worldly Living
Does our nation, America, which God has highly favoured have significant issues with this list of sins?  Well let's see:

  1. Idol Worship - there is certainly evidence our Nation as a whole does not worship God.  There are statistics that report over half of our nation does not have a true relationship with Jesus Christ.  God is actively being pushed out of places He has always been - schools, public gatherings, public places.  God is being replaced with what the world wants.  And according to God's Word whatever we replace God with has become an "Idol".
  2. Sexual Sins - the porn industry reportedly generates $14 Billion dollars per year in revenue.  Traditional marriage as God defined it is under daily attack and has now been "redefined" by the world's laws in some parts of America.  Divorce due to infidelity (adultery) is reported to be at all time highs in this country.
  3. Child/Infant Sacrifice - approximately 3500 babies are electively aborted in the US every day.  Statistics report the majority of the babies that are aborted are conceived in sex that occurs outside of God's sacred covenant of marriage.  And more subtly a generation of children are being abandoned by parents who shirk their responsibility to raise their children in a Godly manner.
  4. Worldly Living - much is written that it's becoming increasingly harder to separate the Church from the World.  And it's not because the World has become more like the Church.  Quite the opposite is reported to be occurring.  The Church has become much more "tolerant" and "accepting" of the World.  God did not call his people to live as the world.  He called them to do the exact opposite.
Just as in the days of Israel these disturbing trends in living are not shared by everyone.  There are plenty of people striving to live like Christ and sharing Christ as God has commanded.  And no Nation is perfect - and God could not expect us to be - He knows us because He made us.  But God never guarantees us favor as a Nation if we continue to live in and/or increase the level of our disobedience and sinfulness.

So is America at risk of God "turning away" as He did with Israel?  Is it possible it's happening today, right now as you read this?  The falling away of a Nation is a slow fade where things almost imperceptibly become more and more like the World with every passing day.  WILL GOD TURN AWAY FROM US?  What do you think?

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