Friday, June 15, 2012


Recently I received a call from an old friend. I was immediately excited to hear his cheerful voice. That excitement turned to concern as he told me he was in the hospital once again. "Cancer's back" he said.

I thanked God silently for giving me a chance to minister to my friend once again. But before I could say a word my friend said "I want you to know how much what you did for me has meant to me. You gave me chances to be more and it has opened doors for me ever since. I could never have done these things without you."

I mumbled some quick "thank you" and wiped a tear from my eye while hoping no one walking by would notice I was standing on the sidewalk weeping. I thought "here he is, fighting his battles again, every right to expect me to comfort him and he says one of the kindest and most humbling things I could have experienced."

God is so faithful and good to bless us when we least expect it. And He does it in the most unexpected ways. I love my friend as a brother and he's reminded me today that "WHAT WE REAP IS WHAT WE SOW".

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