Saturday, August 18, 2012


Any successful leader will tell you that it is impossible to build a high performing business or organization without a plan that involves setting goals and establishing priorities to achieve the goals.  You have to possess a clear understanding of the goals you need to achieve to be successful and you must prioritize the time and resources you use in working to accomplish your goals.  It's LEADERSHIP 101.

I'd suggest to you that those same two keys, goals and priorities, are essential to enhancing your walk with God.  And here is why I believe that.  If we are not intentional in developing our relationship with God we are simply working Him in when we can or just letting our relationship with Him happen.  And that is not what we should want and it is clearly not what God describes that he wants in Jeremiah 24:7 where he says of His beloved children "I will be their God: for they shall return unto me with their whole heart."

Here are three simple steps that effective business leaders use to form a plan that you can use to "tighten up" your walk with God:
  1. Identify the key goals you need to achieve as part of your plan to improve your relationship with God.  Common goals might include daily prayer, daily bible reading, ministry work, church volunteer work, etc.  Actually I think these common goals I've mentioned are likely at the top of the list of things you need to do to get closer to God. 
  2. Prioritize the key goals you need to accomplish as part of your plan.  Listen, none of us have unlimited time on our hands.  There are just so many hours in a given day - 24 right?  So establish which goals you think are most important to help you deepen your walk with God and put those at the top of your list of daily activities. Make sure you devote the biggest portion of your available time to the highest priority goals.
  3. Execute your plan.  As they say in the Nike commercials "Just Do It".  You've established what you need to do and what is most important to do - so simply do what you know you need to do.
Now I'm not suggesting this mechanical approach is all that is required to know God or get closer to God.  The Holy Spirit indwells and leads us in gaining understanding of God and in deepening our relationship with God.  But the process suggested here will certainly help you be more intentional in your efforts.  IDENTIFY, PRIORITIZE AND EXECUTE - it will make a difference in your relationship with God.

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