Sunday, August 26, 2012


Few things can be more bewildering to a new believer than figuring out exactly why God is speaking to all the “veteran believers” and isn’t speaking to them routinely. They hear long time believers say things like “God spoke to me” and “God said”. The reality is there’s little evidence anyone has audibly heard God’s voice since Biblical times. However, there’s plenty of scriptural evidence to support the fact that God speaks to His people routinely.

The most common manner God speaks to us is through scripture itself which is God’s divine word. The more we read the Bible with a seeking heart, the more God reveals to us. Proverbs 1:5 says "let the wise listen and add to their learning".  If you’ve spent much time reading God’s Word you’ve no doubt read the same passage of scripture multiple times and suddenly had a revelation about what it really meant and how it applies in your life.  That's God's voice coming through the written Word.  READ YOUR BIBLE. God is speaking to you loud and clear!

God speaks to us through our individual circumstances. He gives each of us gifts that He wants us to use to build His Kingdom. The gifts of preaching, teaching, raising money, praying, caring for the sick, ministering to the afflicted, building relationships, etc. are God’s way of telling you what He would have you do. In 1 Peter 4:10 God tells us He gives us these gifts to serve others with.  USE YOUR GIFTS. God is speaking to you loud and clear!

God speaks to us through other people and the wise counsel they provide. For example, the Pastor who always seems to be talking to you from the pulpit, the Godly friend who encourages you when you are facing life’s challenges or the spouse who lovingly reminds you of your obligations to your marriage and children. You know that little voice or tug at your heart when you feel it.  LISTEN TO WISE COUNSEL. God is speaking to you loud and clear!

While these are not the only ways in which God speaks to us they are certainly THREE WAYS THAT GOD MAY BE SPEAKING TO YOU.

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