Monday, September 3, 2012


Adapted From A Previously Published Article...

In a dream I had a few years ago I was walking down a familiar street in London with a dear Pastor friend. A door opened out into the street and an old college friend of mine emerged. He was noticeably high on drugs and had that absent looking stare in his eyes I had seen many times during the years we’d known one another. I spoke to him as he approached and he walked right past the Pastor and I without ever acknowledging we were there. We turned and I watched him disappear into the distance as suddenly as he had appeared from the door. I felt this deep sense that he was gone forever and I wondered if I would see him again. I remember wondering why my Pastor friend was in the dream.

The next day the doorbell rang at my home and I opened the door to find my Pastor friend from the dream standing there. I had not seen or spoken to him in many months. He said he thought about me and wanted to check on me and my family. I was almost speechless as I stood there fresh in the memory of my dream and fully believing that God had sent him at that very moment.

Now I'm not saying God sent me a vision in a dream like He did to the Prophets of old. But what He has done is place in my heart and mind the ability to discern from the things I see and hear.  His message to me here – use your relationships with those who are lost or afflicted to minister to them. For all we know it may be our only opportunity to share God with them. In the case of my friend from college, I’ll have to wait until I go home to Heaven to know if I’ll see him again. He died at a young age from a life of substance abuse. Although as Christians we are called to share the Gospel Message with others I never had a single conversation with him about God. And so it is that I say to my old college friend "To continue to remind me of my true purpose in this life I HAD A DREAM ABOUT YOU."

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